NEW! Microbe-Lift Kalkwasser (1 lb)

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Water Additives & Conditioners:
NEW! Microbe-Lift Kalkwasser (1 lb)
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Kalkwasser Lab Grade Calcium Hydroxide Ca (OH)2 Adds Calcium Ions Required by most Reef Inhabitants Increases Alkalinity Encourages Growth of Pink, Purple and Green Calcareous Algae Elevates pH Precipitates Phosphate All aquariums experience a significant amount of evaporation. You will regularly be adding "make up water" to replace the evaporated water. The salt in your tank does not evaporate, so do not add salt to your "make up water" mix. Always use R/O water, not tap water for your replacement water. Evaporation, plus protein skimmers, also depletes very important calcium. Frequently check the water level in your sump. Once your aquarium has been established, put a mark on the sump so you can easily see how much water has evaporated from the system. MICROBE-LIFT/Kalkwasser additions will also help to maintain the pH and alkalinity of your aquarium. The hydroxyl ions from the MICROBE-LIFT/Kalkwasser mix neutralizes some of the acids that accumulate in the system. An ideal pH range is between 8.2 - 8.3. Don't let your pH go above 8.5 during the day, although there will be a temporary rise when you add the MICROBE-LIFT/Kalkwasser mix. It is important not to let the pH rise above 8.6 (day time reading) even when the MICROBE-LIFT/Kalkwasser mix is added in. The safest way of monitoring and dispensing of MICROBE-LIFT/Kalkwasser is through a dispensing system. The ideal alkalinity is 7 to 10 dKH. The ideal calcium concentrate is between 2.5 - 3.75 meq/L.


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