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Hulda Regehr Clark

Hulda Regehr Clark (18 October 1928 to 3 September 2009) was a controversial naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine. Clark claimed that all human disease was related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS, by destroying these parasites by "zapping" them with electrical devices which she marketed. Clark wrote several books describing her methods and operated clinics in the U.S. Following a string of legal difficulties and actions by the Federal Trade Commission, she relocated to Tijuana, Mexico where she ran the Century Nutrition clinic. Clark's claims and devices have been dismissed by authorities ranging from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration to alternative-medicine figures such as Andrew Weil as scientifically unfounded, "bizarre" and potentially fraudulent. Clark herself died in September 2009; according to her website, her death was related to complications from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

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